Tony Hawk heads to Mumbai in December for India’s first ever skate show


Rogue Mag Skate - Tony Hawk heads to Mumbia on december 3rd 2011

Tony Hawk will be heading to Mumbia for the first ever skate demo in India. He’s not travelling alone either, hitting the decks with the bird man will be Kevin Staab, Andy MacDonald, Sam Bosworth and young prodigy Mitchie Brusco.

Renowned for his gravity defying vert skills, Tony Hawk is intending to impress with the huge vert ramp designed by G Ramps that comes in at 4,50m high, 19m large and 18m deep. The show kicks of on December the 3rd in the School Grounds, behind Dhirubhai Ambani International School, BKC in Mumbai.

Rogue Mag Skate - Tony Hawk heads to Mumbia on december 3rd 2011

This is the latest stop for Tony Hawk who’s hit Berlin, Rome, Barcelona and Brighton with Quiksilver riding in some stunning locations like the Grand Palais in Paris.

Producer/DJ Scott Nixon is also along for the ride and will be performing live during the Mumbai performance. A regular at Heaven, Ministry of Sound and international festivals, Scott Nixon has proven himself as a world class DJ.

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