Travis Challenges You – FMX Tandem Backflip!


Rogue Mag - Travis Challenges You - FMX Tandem Blackflip!

Travis Pastrana challenged fans to prove their mettle by signing up to a Nitro Circus challenge without knowing what was in store for them! After being inundated with brave applicants, the final three were selected. Natalya Platonova, Will Steevenson and Dave Compton were the lucky trio who made it down to the final selection process and with it, the chance to take on a once in a lifetime Nitro Circus challenge.

Travis invited fellow Nitro Circus crew member and up and coming FMX star Josh Sheehan along to the Red Bull Pro Nationals motocross event at Hawkestone Park in Shropshire to help with the Challenge. Josh, who regularly performs double back flips as part of Nitro Circus Live was invited to the UK from Australia by Red Bull to offer one fan a once in a lifetime opportunity to perform the most gnarly of challenges – check out the video to see what went down.

Travis pushed these guys to the next level and you still have the chance to submit your challenge to him at and when Nitro Circus Live comes to the UK in December, Travis and his crew might just perform it for you.


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