Twenty Seven C

Rogue Mag blogs - Twenty Seven C

Well, here I am. Twenty seven C. Floating over the Western coastline. The morning dew is still lingering, it’s slightly foggy, but a beautiful crisp morning none the less. I find myself sitting here in amazement. How do things take shape so fast? Does time even exist? When you keep an extra eye on the bigger picture, as I do, time starts to seem more like a concept than a real thing. I mean, I can measure out an inch, and I can definitely see the space between the two points measured, but does that give any more solidity to this thing we call ‘inch’? Is time any different? I am Here, on this plane, right Now as I write this, but as you read these words it could seem like much time has passed, but for you it is still Here and Now. By reading these words you are calling upon my presence, transcending both time and space, and I am with you. Sewing these words in sync with the pace at which you read. This is the Eternal Present.

Rogue Mag blogs - Twenty Seven C

Okay, so what does this have to do with snowboarding? With life? Where’s the relevance? Let’s take a moment and go full circle; Amazement.

I’m sitting on a flight to Colorado. A trip to shred, learn, and discover. I don’t have funding. I don’t have rich parents paying my rent and fronting all the costs, but what I do have is Power. A Power that merges this world and the next. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could just think something up, then ‘POOF’, it appeared? Well, from that wider perspective, looking at the bigger picture, We Do! Not just once in a while, by chance, but continuously, all the time, day in day out. We’re doing it Now, and Now, and Now, evennn………. Now! See that’s where this begins to come together. Here we are again in the Eternal Present. Writing, reading, fully in sync. No distance. No time. Only Here. Only Now. Huh……

Rogue Mag blogs - Twenty Seven C

Rogue Mag blogs - Twenty Seven C

This is what intrigues me. Let’s ‘time’ travel for a moment. We’re gone back about ‘three months’ prior to the ‘time’ I am writing this. I’m sitting at home, stars in my eyes, inspired. Right Now, I’m just making enough financially to cover my bills and food. The winter season is fast approaching, and I need new gear and a seasons pass. But still, there is a glimmer of Hope, an inner Faithful voice that tells me I can do it all, and then some. I can go to Colorado. So I take the leap. I’m trusting the feeling in my core. (Montage Time!) I make the moves, and go through the cycles. Up, down, up, down, rock bottom, then beginning the climb again. Never allowing that extra eye a moment to breach it’s fixated glare on my focal point, the summit.

Rogue Mag blogs - Twenty Seven C

Thought. Speech. Deed. The three levels of creation. So, I became inspired. I saw myself in Colorado with fresh gear, and not a single worry. Free to do what makes me smile, and others had chosen to see this possibility as well. You could say that together we had created a reality, but I believe it was already out there, along with every other option and outcome. But by choosing to see this outcome, and believing in it’s likelihood of happening, I think we synchronized with it’s frequency. We ‘matched it’s vibration’, and in doing so, we started to pull this reality into our experience. Every thought of confirmation, from my group of believers and I, increases the force of that pull. Every doubt and negative thought repels it slightly.

Rogue Mag blogs - Twenty Seven C

This is Manifestation. This is Creation. This is, ‘From Nothing, comes Everything‘. This is My Power. This is Your Power. This is Our Power.

Rogue Mag blogs - Twenty Seven C

Fast forward to current time…. I’m at the top, and then some. The feeling that resides here is Pure Bliss. Thankfully this has been far from a lonely journey. I have had many people enter my life since the initial inspiration. Some have helped with gear, some with my pass, some supplied the opportunity for extra work, some invested to help with costs; all family of course, but they felt my passion. My faith had spread to others. My vision was now shared.

Rogue Mag blogs - Twenty Seven C

Okay, one more lap; Amazement. I guess this state is brought about by opening up to the magic. Opening our eye to perceive this unseen world. The Wonder within. We’ve been raised in a physical world, slaves to the senses, but that’s not Who We Are. We feel more. A pull at our cores that lends us Faith to believe there is more. I’ve chosen to become wide open to such energies. I am wired to receive, and Man is it Amazing! I feel there are many others out there choosing the same. My brothers, sisters, and fellow Warriors.

Where does all this leave you and I? Well; We’re still Here. It is still Now, and we are still Choosing; Moment in, Moment out. You can choose to not believe in Gravity, but that won’t make you float away. Some designs are Universal, Divine, we can resist or ignore such designs, but Ultimately all we are left with is a Choice.

To harness Our Power, or not. I say Choose Magic. Choose Wonder. Choose Love, and Choose Life.

Here and Now.

Thanks again for the opportunity to share these words. Much LOVE! =)




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