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Ventz review

Rogue Mag Reviews - Ventz review

This is an example of a good idea perfectly executed and yet I’m not sold on it. Apparently the Ventz is the ultimate hot weather riding solution. Honestly, I can’t argue with that.

What we have here are a couple of ‘vents’ that you insert at the end of your jacket sleeve. The idea is that cool air will flow up the arms and regulate the rider’s temperature. Riding a motorcycle in hot weather can be uncomfortable but here in the UK I can vouch for the fact that it’s a welcome novelty. Accustomed to bitter cold and penetrating rain, to be actually hot whilst in the saddle isn’t really something we would grumble about.

Rogue Mag Reviews - Ventz review

This is the issue with Ventz. Whilst they do vent cool air into the jacket, which certainly does give you a pleasing sensation, you can’t help but wonder how necessary they are? Here are the issues: They’re fiddly to put into the sleeve. Putting your gear on is enough hassle without adding to the routine. What happens is you hit a sudden downpour? These would efficiently funnel rainwater up your arms aiding in the soaking process. Whilst we’re assured the Ventz doesn’t affect your riding safety, I wouldn’t want to hit the deck with these on my wrists.

I imagine this product would be awesome for a cruise though the desert or a gruelling over-land tour. The moments when you are truly uncomfortable on a bike over here is when you’re sitting in heavy traffic – during which there isn’t enough air flow to cool you down.

I’m also left wondering; why not simply unzip your jacket sleeve a little?

Gillan Williams

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