Wakestock 2012 – Womens Round Up


Rogue Mag Festivals - Wakestock 2012 - Womens Round Up

It’s been an epic weekend here in North Wales. Many of the riders have been in town since Wednesday for the WWA Rail Europeans qualifier, and since they arrived it has been one long party. I’ve seen a few people with headaches in the morning, but everyone has had a smile from ear to ear proving that once again Wakestock is the event of the year. This episode is highlights of the Womens Boat Final and also the poolgap.

The ladies had their time on the Wakestock poolgap with sun shining down and a great crowd watching too. Nicola Butler went straight out with a heavy-hitting nose press that made everyone else step up their game for a chance of winning some cash.

Music: Drift Away by The Hummingbirds


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