Crossing Iceland – by snowkite


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Jerome Josserand comes from a small French village La Grave, located among the highest French Alps in the south. Since his early youth, he has been dedicated to the mountains and sports. When he was 2 years old, his father took him skiing for the first time, at the age of 12 he switched to snowboarding and at the age of 15 he started to paraglide. His first encounter with kiting happens in 2003, while on holiday with his friend Polot in Corsica.

Teaser from a previous Jerome Josserand film.

Black and White Heaven (GG on Iceland) – Teaser from Film IT on Vimeo.

Jerome was completely overtaken by kiting and was introduced to snowkiting in the winter of the same year. As he discovered the dimensions of the new sport, his future started to shape as well. Given the ideal conditions for kiting, being an excellent skier and a top paraglider pilot (the kite is a small copy of a paraglider with modifications), are all together a perfect combination and a basis for Jerome to become a top snowkiter as well. Without any hesitation, Jerome embraced the opportunity and in the following 7 years he evolves into being one of the best extreme snowkiters on the planet; he’s also the holder of a world record in the highest kite flight (450 metres above the ground).

Being an extremist athlete, Jerome decided to kite across Iceland in March 2011; from its very north to the south. The camera will follow his preparations in La Grave, where he lives, and his kiting on the hills surrounding his home, where his kiting story began. Then, he will travel to Akureyri, Iceland, to prepare himself for the most challenging venture in his years of kiting. He will meet with the legendary Icelandic pilot Artgrimer, who will take him on a terrain check from the air; he will meet Iceland’s best mountain guides to help him to grasp the terrain and get him ready for all kinds of potential risks lurking in the wilds of Iceland. After all the preparations, Jerome will have to encounter yet another challenge and that is to patiently wait for the day when the wind is right…

South Iceland Adventure will be helping Jerome achieve his goals, they specialize in snow tours and expeditions in the Arctic Circle


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