Drop the Bomb: Wear the ultimate shell & S-Bomb inner vest


After producing the world’s first power heated wetsuits, the H-Bomb, Rip Curl have driven their technology innovation to develop an pioneering Alpine alternative. The S-Bomb is the first high performance heated inner vest, which features a powered heating system in the lower back. Designed to be worn with the super technical Ultimate Jacket, the S-Bomb can warm you up on your first run down the hill, or to keep your temperature stable whilst waiting in minus degree temperatures in the queue for the chair lifts. With a simple switch to control the temperature of the vest, and up to three hours of heat on maximum power, the S-Bomb vest combines with the light, flexible, feature-packed Ultimate jacket for the most technically advanced mountainwear money can buy.

S-Bomb inner vest

Using the lightest heating system ever built, the S-Bomb inner vest comprises an ultra-light Micro Ripstop shell, with P-Down insulation. You can control your temperature at the flick of a switch – keep warm whilst sitting on a chilly ski lift, turn it down to 40% heat for that first run down the hill, or switch it off completely when you’ve warmed up.

The ultimate jacket

The Ultimate Jacket is made from Rip Curl’s specially developed EX 4-way stretch fabric, with a mix of Elasthan for stretch, and Nylon for durability, so you get full stretch in all directions, and the best outerwear stretch fabric on the market. This technology offers unparalleled comfort and durability whatever your action sport – from tight tree powder runs to snowpark kickers.

The Ultimate Jacket also features an EX laminated 20k/20k polymer membrane which provides high performance waterproofing and breathability, with specially taped seams. The jacket also features welded water resistant zips on pockets and the main jacket zip to keep you completely dry. Adjustable mesh-backed vents, an ergonomic hood, and antisnagging cuffs add to the long list of features that are crammed into this jacket.


Ben Alexander is Head Coach at the NSW Institute of Sport and has been testing the S-Bomb in Colorado, USA where winter temperatures get to between minus 10-20 degrees Celsius: “I usually turn it on before my first run to help warm my whole body and get the blood flowing through my muscles for the first shred down the hill. When I’m riding the activity is usually enough to keep me warm but after a long wait in the lift line, the S-Bomb can easily be turned back on for the ride back up the chair” commented Alexander.

Alexander explains how the S-Bomb has kept him warm whilst coaching skiers and snowboarders on the mountain: “It is of most value for me when I’m standing around at the Half-pipe coaching the athletes and trying to keep warm. This is where it can get seriously cold and having the ability to turn the vest on for a while certainly makes my day a lot more pleasurable”.

Price: £450
Stockists: 01637 850848
Website: www.ripcurl.com


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