Energy of Capoeira


Since being a teenager, Anina Derkovič has been fascinated by the human body and body movement. Searching for the right form of expression for herself, she practiced karate as a teenager but later switched to dancing and wild rave parties.

Energy of Capoeira from Film IT on Vimeo.

During her college years at the Faculty of Theology, she discovered the power and diversity of religions and became very much engaged in exploring the limits of the spirit. After graduation, she completed specialization in couple and family therapy and became a skilled Capoiera pracitioner, who has, till today, been seeking for diversity, depth and usefulness of Capoiera in everyday life.

Capoiera is an art form that combines martial arts, music, dance and singing. It was created in Brazil in the sixteenth century by slaves brought from Africa, who practiced Capoiera as a concealed method of training in their fight for liberation under the yoke of their masters. The word itself is Portuguese and literally translates as “chicken fight”, which demonstrates the slave owners’ (mis) understanding and understatement of Capoiera.

Today, Capoiera is still a great part of social and cultural life; a number of varieties are performed, each having its own meaning and purpose – from having a traditionally ritual, sporting and entertaining function to being misused with aggressive and criminal intents.



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