Eoin O Connor paints the infamous Aileens and gets barreled for a week


Rogue Mag Surf Eoin O Connor Paints the Aileens barrel
Eoin O Conner

It was an amazing day back in March, a mate of mine had just arrived back from a trip to Aus so we went for a stroll down to the base of the cliffs of Moher. We were chilling out down there for a while and then there was a small rock fall so we decided to make tracks. As we were about to walk back up I got a phonecall from Lahinch Surf School about this idea they had to paint the interior of a new coffee shop they were opening. The idea for the painting was to show the view as if you were deep in the barrel on the wave down there ‘Aileens’, was just kinda funny that I was down there at the time.

Art By Eoin – I got barrelled for a week! from Gavin Gallagher on Vimeo.

So when i got back into Lahinch I met up with the guys in there and spoke about the design, after a couple to and fros the design and colour was set. The original design was alot more vibrant with more bright colours but they felt for the cafe it needed to be a bit calmer so it wasnt a complete shock to walk into.

Rogue Mag Surf Eoin O'Connor paint the Aileens barrel
Eoin O Connor

I then had the idea to film the whole thing and make a timelapse of the painting (something id never done before but will from now on!) so after asking around I borrowed a couple of GoPros from some friends. As there was different work going on in the shop when i was to begin painting i had to work the first few sessions into the early hours of the morning. After looking over the video footage I had gotten I saw that I wasn’t picking up the colour. I decided that I had to finish it in day light so had to work around people installing floors and plumbing, but it all turned out well in the end.
The painting was far bigger than anything id done before but i also enjoyed it and would be stoked to do more of it.

Rogue Ma Surf Eoin O Connor Paints the Aileens barrel
Eoin O Connor


Well on the side of inspiration, i hold it pretty private about what actually inspires me.
I find inspiration in the experience of those special moments that we share either with somebody special or in ourselves is what i enjoy most in my life. The simple things of colours in nature, a light breeze blowing a certain way on a hot day, the sky reflecting in a still pool, the sound of a 20 foot wave exploding! they are all simple pleasures in life that all too often are overlooked or cast aside. Take them in, embrace the moment and let it linger!




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