Kotow debuts with creative style


Rogue Mag Music Kotow Demise Of The Monsters album cover

Its been a while since a new band has got me this excited. Rarely does a band come along who brings something so fresh, with tracks that actually grab hold of your attention, with punching riffs and real creativity.


It seems Kotow have a real imagination, their tracks creating a world of their own. Its clearly rock, but nobody else’s version of it. You can hear the influences of Tool, Therapy? and Metallica, but only in inspiration, Kotow really have a distinct sound of it’s own. Its obvious these guys have a sense of humour, with tracks such as ‘The Hunt For The Worlds Cleverest Bee’, ‘Vet Cemetary’ and ‘Indestructable Fire Engine’.

The highlight for me was Lets Blow Up Texas, real sing along chorus, relentless pace, ripping riffs. It draws you along, pulls you in dropping you into Claustrophobic Agoraphobic to finish the album. Its here that you really notice the influence of Tool, which is hardly a bad thing.

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