ONeill womens winter gear



In a natural progression from the Winter season, the Spirit of Japan theme continues to be felt within this collection for women for High Winter 2010/11 through ‘Sashiko’. The name for a form of quilting originating from Japan resulting in distinctive patterns, Sashiko represents the way in which various influences, materials, designs and colours have been pieced together in a way unique to O’Neill.

A highlight can be seen within the Patch Jacket. A limited edition snow jacket it not only evokes a feeling of Japanese patchwork with its multitude of materials and designs, but is also the perfect piece for our times as it has been created through selected pieces of left-over fabric that were too gorgeous to let go to waste. As the fabric is limited – so is the jacket.


Following the resounding success of collection 105, the O’Neill accessories collection is back with a bang this season, armed with a fresh new product line. Compact in size, the new accessories line goes large on coordination. The result is a really well balanced line in which proven favorites jostle for attention alongside a number of brand new styles.

A great example is the cable beanie and cable scarf, both of which come with a high quality leather label. Just about as on-trend as you can get this season.

All of the clothing feature and more can be purchased on the official O’Neill online store.


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