Skinny Lister easing spring in nicely


Rogue Mag Music Skinny Lister

It must be the weather. Generally you’ll find me listening to rock, appreciating the heavy grooves of the likes of Clutch. This week has been different, folk rock and happy dance floor electro has been to music of choice, and why not?

Rogue Mag Music Skinny Lister

The latest band I’m listening to is Skinny Lister. They’re relaxed, civilized even. Listening to them makes me think of days in the summer, evoking memories I don’t even have, of floating down rivers, lying under trees. I think that must be it, after long winter month, the sun is finally warming our skin and a band like Skinny Lister seems perfect for the moment.

If you like folk and you’re seeking to lift your spirits, Skinny Lister is for you.



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