The gboard challenge – A brief history


It’s probably fair to say invention has a number of challenges. 1. The architecture of design. 2. Whether it has a place outside the mind of the creator. 3. Getting it to you. The world’s first swingboard (by gboarduk) faced all these challenges and is still standing.

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Like most new concepts, people said it wasn’t possible and that if it could be done it would have happened already. This U.K. invention has now joined the ranks of our physical evolution. Invented by artist and inventor Shef, the worlds 1st swingboard has arrived. The swingboard spent a year in design, and 18 months in a garage in Tottenham proving itself. The test pilots for this job were 2 ex skateboarders, Tricky & Shaka, they not only proved a theory but went on to show us what it could do. As you can imagine this part of the journey took us on a very steep learning curve. The knocks and bruises were a constant reminder of how the road we were on had never been trodden before. This is also when swingboard became abbreviated to gboard. Soon after this period the swingboard appeared on CH4’s The Big Breakfast. I believe this was the 1st time someone had been seen riding a swing in the standing position, with their hands free. Swingboard went on to make 2 more TV appearances, BBC1 Best Inventions and BBC1 Blue Peter. It was now time to give the public a practical experience, so GBHQ was opened. GBHQ was swingboards unofficial, unlicensed, and uninsured club. Opened on the 1st floor of our local pub, The Springfield Park Tavern, swingboard soon had many local fans. Free training was given to all, week nights for the over 16s and Saturday-Sunday lunch times for the under 16s. But it wasn’t long before the riding had become too dynamic for the environment, and 18 months later GBHQ was closed. Not able to afford a larger club and with nowhere to practice, swingboard hit the streets. Gate crashing London parks, industrial estates, outdoor events, and extreme sports festivals. And although the public loved us the officials did not!  With thanks to XTC, gboarduk has legitimised and sees the launch of the world’s 1st swingboard by (gboarduk) at the Excel centre on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th October.

The Swingboard was created in London and inspired by skateboarders, snowboarders and surfers. This unique apparatus allows the rider gears, brakes, a spring board, a half pipe and freedom of artistic interpretation.

It’s shown us what it can do and we as the world’s first gboarders (by gboarduk) can show you what we can do. The gboard has been specifically designed for you! Now it’s your chance to show us what you can do. So here’s my shout out to ALL the world’s first gboarders. Gboarduk is undoubtedly at XTC but will you be?

Shef- inventor of the world’s 1st swingboard (by gboarduk)



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