Alpinestar Anaheim Shoes review

Rogue Mag - Alpinestar Anaheim Shoes review

Alpinestars never fail to impress. You’d be hard pushed to find a company who so consistently produces gear that surpasses your expectations. The Anaheim Shoes are no exception, perfect for street fighters and cruisers, they look as good off the bike as the do on it.

Motorcycle boots have a tendency to look like either something a power-ranger would wear or a clich├ęd, long haired, angry club member. The Anaheim Shoes look nothing of the sort, you’d be forgiven for thinking they’re simply good quality high tops. The difference is that these have been designed with riding in mind so you’re more protected than wearing a pair of trainers.

The protection comes in the form of a surprising amount of ankle protection and tough soles. There’s also a ton of padding throughout which makes them very soft to wear. Of course this protection has its limits, if you’re a superbike rider or going for a track day, the Anaheim wouldn’t be protection enough but its great for street riding.

The shoes have plenty of venting, which is needed. One issue with the Anaheim is the padding cooks your foot. When you’re riding it’s fine, in fact, on a hot day the breeze through the shoe feels great. The issue is when you’re walking around, the padding hold the heat in like an oven. The shoes aren’t waterproof, your feet will get wet if it rains on a ride.

To sum it up, a great product which I happily recommend to those who like to look good riding on the street.

Gillan Williams


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