Alpinestars Joey motorcycle shoes review

Rogue Mag Reviews - Alpinestars Joey shoes

Styled to look like casual street shoes, the Alpinestars Joeys are right on the money. Even before trying the Joeys on I liked them, a lot. It seems they’ve got their inspiration from Converse high-tops, which is no bad thing.

Initially I was a little concerned about the level of protection the Alpinestars Joey shoes would provide in a crash. They’re made from suede so will offer some abrasion resistance, that’s about it. There is some ankle and toe protection but there’s no ankle brace or plastic panels to protect your bones. They’re clearly not designed for touring or track days.

What they are designed for is bad weather. The suede is wax treated for water resistance and there’s a waterproof membrane built into the lining. Perfect if you get caught in a downpour. A nice addition is the breathable mesh inner on the tongue and collar. I wore the Joeys all day and my feet stayed aired and fresh throughout. The build quality is everything you expect from Alpinestars, tough and secure.

Rogue Mag Reviews - Alpinestars Joey shoes

On the bike the Alpinestars Joey shoes are snug and comfortable. The sole offers great grip and feel for your pegs and levers. I would have preferred a stiffer upper; you really notice the gear lever against your foot when changing up. It’s not terribly uncomfortable when changing gear but it does draw your attention for a second. What I really did like was my feet staying warm and dry throughout the ride. The weatherproof lining cuts the wind too so no wind chill on you toes.

Walking around I noticed a seam that rubs a little near the top of the inside of the shoe; hopefully it’ll soften with time. Other than that they’re super comfy. The sole has plenty of cushioning. I’m looking forward to the shoe moulding to my foot, I can see these becoming my standard footwear.

The Alpinestars Joey shoes come with black and fluorescent yellow laces for added visibility. I can see the fluorescent ones being useful in traffic at night but being a bit too garish for me, I opted for the black laces.

Ultimately the Alpinestars Joeys are a great pair of shoes to keep your feet warm and dry on the bike.

Suggested retail price – £ 129.99 Sterling / € 139.95 Euro

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