BAM clothing review

Rogue Mag Reviews - BAM clothing review

We were fortunate enough to receive some clothing from bamboo clothing manufacturer BAM. I have to say, I’m impressed! The garments were soft and comfortable to touch, as we’ve come to expect from bamboo clothing and had a feel of quality to them. All three felt breathable and comfortable against the skin.

If I had to find a fault I’d have to say that the stitching isn’t perfect all over but this really is a small issue and only noticeable if you look for it.

Men’s Bamboo Half Sweat Zip – Grey Marl

Rogue Mag Reviews - BAM clothing review

The fact is that some action sports fans are getting a little older. Whilst you want to look like you enjoy being out in the elements, looking like a neon teenager or surf drop-out isn’t always what you’re looking for. This is where BAM fill the void. The sweater looks great and is ideal for outdoor sports on colder days and looks good enough to wear generally.

Men’s Bamboo Panelled Zip Neck Baselayer – Anthracite / Indigo

Rogue Mag Reviews - BAM clothing review

This is my personal favorite. Rather than simply focusing on the bamboo feature which many other manufacturers have done in the past, BAM seem to have spent their time designing a garment that is very comfortable against the skin, fits well with a flattering cut. Fantastic as an undergarment if you’re out in the cold elements, the base layer effectively wicks away moisture leaving you feeling comfortable. The design is good enough to wear as a casual top as well, its very versatile.

Men’s Bamboo Branded Boxers – Black / Light Grey

Rogue Mag Reviews - BAM clothing review

Number one priority here is comfort and fit. Fortunately these boxers deliver both excellently. I really don’t have a complaint about them, I actually prefer them to other designer boxers, the level of comfort is that much higher. I’ve also been reassured they’re good looking when you’re not wearing much else…

You can find all these products at BAM Clothing’s website.


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