Benjamin Francis Leftwich single – Pictures review


Rogue Mag Music and Video - Benjamin Francis Leftwich single - Pictures review

Reminiscent of a dream like state, that’s how ‘Pictures’, Benjamin Francis Leftwich’s new single, feels. The intricate sound of the acoustic guitar captivates you as soon as the song opens, followed by Leftwich’s hauntingly beautiful vocals. Even though this song could appear quite simple, and perhaps basic to some (one man and his guitar), the 3 minutes ends up leaving you in a completely mesmeric state (it certainly felt that way for me). I don’t think there is any other artist out there at the moment quite like Leftwich, that can deliver a piece of music which can grab your attention from the first few notes, and in such a momentous way. Definitely one to look out for, if ‘Pictures’ is anything to go by.

Pictures is out on February 20th


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