Enjoy the ride with Fox MTB Clothing

Rogue Mag Brands - Enjoy the ride with Fox MTB Clothing

Mountain bike riding is exciting, adventurous and gives you an unrivalled sense of freedom but it does come with the possibility of injury and inevitable wear and tear on your gear so there’s no doubt you need the highest quality you can get when it comes to MTB clothing to last as long as possible and the brand that delivers in every regard is Fox.

It’s obvious with any item from the Fox MTB Clothing range that a lot of thought has gone into the design, choice of fabrics and subtle features that makes up each one; you can tell instantly they have been made for riders by riders. One in particular that is handy is the Fox MTB Attack Jersey, available in a long sleeve, or short sleeve depending on your personal preference or the weather conditions, each one is made not only from one hundred percent Cool Touch polyester which amazingly remains cool against your skin even after hours of riding with the baking sun bearing down on you but they also have mesh panelling and bonded mesh panels on front and back giving you ventilation and wicks away moisture too. Each Fox Attack Jersey has raglan sleeves so you get completely unrestricted movement no matter how tough the ride gets and should you get any dirt or debris on your sunglasses they come with a handy optic wipe fabric on the inside hem.

One of the Fox MTB Clothing bestsellers is the Fox MTB Ranger Shorts made from an entirely nylon shell and 100% spandex lining allowing for a needed durable pair of shorts but without sacrificing movement at all. They also have an adjustable waist that results in a comfortable fit and holds them in place so the need for a sometimes restricting and uncomfortable belt is removed and a performance RIDE chamois in the inner liner for better comfort. Plus they have two leg cargo pockets and hand pockets in the front perfect for storing your keys, wallet and phone making them really versatile, in all you couldn’t ask for a more durable and comfortable pair of mountain bike shorts, especially in the warmer weather.

Of course Fox make an extensive range of MTB gear as well as for BMX and Motocross and it all does the job you would want simply because the Fox team riders who design it know exactly what riders need. During colder weather the longer pants, jerseys and jackets give you the same level of comfort and support but keep you warmer and the Fox MTB Gloves make the most of durable leathers and composites to protect your knuckles from impacts and your palms from scrapes on rough ground should you fall, it’s just a shame they don’t make footwear to round it all off.


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