Funeral For A Friend unveil music video for ‘The Distance’


Rogue Mag Music - Funeral For A Friend unveil music video for 'The Distance'

Single set for release 11th February, 2013

Funeral For A Friend will unleash the second single from forthcoming album ‘Conduit’ through Distiller Records on 11th February. ‘The Distance’ is a song about one particular tour endurance test the band went through and the accompanying music video reflects experiences on the road in a van as a five piece. As vocalist Matthew Davies-Kreye puts it:

“The Distance is a song about being in a van, on tour travelling around in foreign countries during the summer and going crazy because the van only had one small window that would open and no air con.”

‘Conduit’ is the follow-up to 2011’s critically acclaimed ‘Welcome Home Armageddon’ and their first with new drummer Pat Lundy. It’s a tightly wound collection of tracks, again produced with Romesh Dodangoda, bursting with emotion and personal conflict but also full of commentary on the inner workings and experiences of an established band. It’s the sound of a band growing and progressing both as a unit and individually. ‘Conduit’ definitely marks some changes for the band. However, Davies-Kreye matter of factly states:

“It wears its heart on its sleeve in terms of it representing the scene of music that spawned us. It’s not trying to be a rebirth or anything cheesy like that. It’s just honest and I hope that’s evident from those who listen to it. In my heart it would be rad for people to take these songs and love them as much as the others they love and come to a show on a tour and sing them as hard to us as we do to them. That would be beautiful.”


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