Introducing James Threlfall

Rogue Mag Skate - Introducing James Threlfall
James Threlfall / Picture by Luke Painter

How did you get into skateboarding?

It was the standard Tony Hawk games really, so I guess it was down to my brother. He’d bought a Playstation and one day brought home the first Tony Hawk game which was before I really knew what skating was, but I got hooked and played it most days before and after school. I got a board and used to push around in the street, then when I was around 12 and it was cool with my mum that I went to the skatepark. I used to go back to the Tony Hawk games and try to copy the tricks that I was doing on there – the basic ones like kickflips and stuff of course, not 720s haha. I got hooked, the time flew by and now I’m here – still skating and 19 I guess!

What would you say to the idea that skateboarding is fading out to things like the razor?

It’s not going to happen. They’re two completely different things. At the end of the day, the way I see it is that everyone is skatepark users – whether you’re on a bike, board, skates or a scooter. With the recent rise of scooters all that it’s done is really brought more awareness to skateparks and actually without scooters, a lot of parks might not have been built. Our local indoor skatepark is heavily frequented by scooters, and the outdoor park in our town is now due to be renovated as there’s loads of people using it daily. But I wouldn’t say scooters would ever replace anything – skateboarding is skateboarding in it’s own right.

We’re stoked that there’s guys like you still ripping it up, where’s your favorite place to skate?

The south-west for sure, I love it here. It’s really chilled and generally the parks here are pretty easy to all dive in a car and drive to. I really enjoy Glastonbury’s park though and don’t skate it nearly as much as I should. Even though it’s not a massive park, everything’s just really fun and there’s a great bunch of locals that are always down to chat whilst skating which always makes a session more fun.

Rogue Mag Skate - Introducing James Threlfall
James Threlfall / Picture by Luke Painter

Where are you hoping to go with your skate career?

Who knows! In honesty right now I’m just enjoying riding my board each day. I’m currently working on a full 2013 video part with my mate Ben Marshall who’s a super talented film-maker. We were actually filming this weekend just gone in London so we’re pushing that pretty hard. I’ve also recently got involved with Hospital Records a bit so hopefully we’ll have some cool bits and pieces going on there, which is amazing because I’ve been a huge fan of their artists from around the time I started getting more into skating actually.

Then later this year we also have a technical skate shoe dropping with Animal that I’ve helped to design alongside the footwear department so that’s really exciting. Animal are great, it’s like being part of a big family so I’m pretty sure we’ve got some really cool stuff ahead. And then just generally riding really and having fun!

Any thankyou’s?

Mum, Dad, Mark, Nicci, Animal, Jart Skateboards, Tim Green, Ian Hendrie, RampNation, Hospital Records, Ben Marshall, Maverick Industries, GoPro, Red Bull, Luke Painter, and all the bros that I skate with!


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