Introducing Nerter – Countdown EP

Rogue Mag Music - Introducing Nerter - Countdown EP

Not usually our thing but we couldn’t help but be impressed with Nerter and his new EP. The Italian electro prodigy has his the scene with a bang sporting super bass and major melodies. Expect big thing from this virtuous producer, dropping big tunes and receiving huge support. His tunes are being praised by producers everywhere.

The concept of specific influences has shot out the window with the advancement of music technology. Pinning productions as the result of genres from the past, classic bands, or a few synth nerds seems like an acute outlook on an infinite topic. Within a year of discovering electronic music production, Italian producer Nerter’s influences have clicked in a unique harmony of bass-driven analog melody. Taking all genres and beyond into account, musical theory and studio prowess have produced originals that can only be described as Nerter.

Introducing Nerter - Countdown EP

An infatuation that began on the dance floor, Francesco went straight from the club to spend countless hours in the studio. In true Italian fashion, shortcuts like sample packs and mashups were never a stepping-stone, as he went straight into fully written dubbed out melodies and super ballads. As his sound develops, Nerter’s classical upbringing is apparent. Melodious productions blended with modern synthetic audio create dance floor hits made for subwoofers. Critiquing each beat with the upmost devotion, the sound quality and design are easy to see in the highest form of audio engineering. Perfected for big room sound, Nerter’s original productions are made for the dance floor.

Introducing Nerter - Countdown EP

Behind the decks and in the studio Nerter has began with a bang. A resident at one of Italy’s top events, he is no stranger to the worlds biggest Djs. In the coming months he releases and sets will be heard worldwide from the underground to the main stage.


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