Kvelertak – Meir album review

Rogue Mag Muic - Kvelertak - Meir album review

I simply cannot overstate how good this band is. Not for years have I been so excited to listen to an album, the passion and joy you felt when you were a teenager, when you LOVED a band and felt like you couldn’t live without their music – listening to Kvelertak’s Meir wells up those same feelings.

Kvelertak’s Meir is raw in it’s delivery and yet balanced so well. Epic intros that never get too self indulgent, screaming vocals with just the right amount of agression without descending into a growling mess. In this symphony of noise the hooks and riffs flow through clearly. There’s more than power here, Kvelertak have obviously spent their time crafting well written songs.

Rogue Mag Muic - Kvelertak - Meir album review

You can’t help but respect Erlend Hjelvik’s (vocals) decision to sing in their native Norwegian. Its a brave move which could have seen Kvelertak alienated from the English speaking masses. Their growing fan base is testament to the fact that it doesn’t matter what language you’re speaking, the music is whats important. Not only have they gathered a strong following with an indie label, Kvelertak recently signed to Roadrunner records. Expect to hear a lot more from this Norwegien power house!

Gillan Williams

Kvelertak Meir is availalble now on iTunes and Amazon.


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