Lana Del Rey – Born To Die album review


Rogue Mag Music - Lana Del Rey - Born To Die album review

Lana Del Rey has all the makings of a vocal sensation. Hey sultry voice on the single ‘Video Games’ betrays her age, evoking the impression of a woman who’s seen much, loved a lot and been hurt too many times. My anticipation of Born To Die was great. Her perfectly crafted branding has built the image of a woman who knows her place, reminiscent of a romantic and American 50’s, willing to openly sing of the intimate feelings she holds within.

The first track does not disappoint. Piano and strings accompany Lana’s nostalgic voice, pulling you in, preparing you for an album of fantastically crafted melodies. Unfortunately this notion does not last into the second track. Off To The Races lacks the flow of the title track. During the chorus Lana seems to change into a much younger girl, the depth is gone and replaced by childish accents. That’s not to say Lana’s voice wavers from being outstanding for a second, but the style is so different it leaves you wondering how the rest of the album will play out.

Rogue Mag Music - Lana Del Rey - Born To Die album review

This highlight of the album would have to be the single Video Games, and I hope there is more of this to come. There are other moments of brilliance; Blue Jeans, Million Dollar Man and Carmen are all fantastic tracks. I wasn’t impressed with National Anthem. I believe the problem lies in the fact that Lana has so many vocal skills it seems they’ve all been showcased in this album. Rather than sticking to a solid theme, this feels like a compilation of different styles than a well-rounded album.

Despite my criticisms, there is no denying Lana Del Rey has one of the most incredible voices of our time. She has the control of Emeli Sande and the richness of Laura Marling. Without a doubt, Lara Del Rey is to become one of the most respected and loved artists in decades.

Born to Die is release on Jan 30th in the UK, Jan 31st in the USA

Gillan Williams

Rogue Mag Music - Lana Del Rey - Born To Die album review

Track listing:

  1. Born To Die
  2. Off To The Races
  3. Blue Jeans
  4. Video Games
  5. Diet Mountain Dew
  6. National Anthem
  7. Dark Paradise
  8. Radio
  9. Carmen
  10. Million Dollar Man
  11. Summertime Sadness
  12. This Is What Makes Us Girls


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