Smoking Like The Barrel Of A Gun – Candice Gordon


Rogue Mag Music - Smoking Like The Barrel Of A Gun - Candice Gordon

Due for release 09/07/2012 via Fauna Records is ‘Smoking like the Barrel of a Gun’; the debut single from songwriter Candice Gordon.

A-Side ‘Smoking like the Barrel of a Gun’ sees Gordon switch seamlessly between purrs and caterwauls – as feedbacking guitars and pounding drums produce a sweetly seductive cacophony. It’s an arresting first statement from a fresh songwriter and one that is perfectly complimented by the single’s second track ‘I Haven’t Eaten in Days’ – a bluesy crooner richly endowed with soul. Listening, one can almost imagine the sultry Gordon, cutting through the thick smoke of almost any downtown jazz club.

Rogue Mag Music - Smoking Like The Barrel Of A Gun - Candice Gordon

It requires little more than a brief glance over the lyrics to either track to see the sheer amount of honesty and life experience poured into Gordon’s songs. From a young age, she took an active interest in music; a static factor in an otherwise constantly shifting life that has seen the Botswana native relocate to Ireland and France, busk through America, travel with circuses all over Croatia and Turkey, and befriend Shane McGowan of the Pogues – even going so far as to travel to Japan with the band.

Having led such an exciting and diverse life to date, it’s hard to know quite what to expect next from Gordon, but perhaps that’s part of her appeal. She’s truly the maker of her own destiny, and – on the basis of the two songs here – who’s to say her music won’t play a very big part in that.

‘Smoking like the Barrel of a Gun’ will be released 09/07/2012 via Fauna Records.


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