What’s one word to describe my season thus far?


Rogue Mag - Logan Farrow Blog - What's one word to describe my season thus far?

Hectic! Hectic is the first word that comes to mind.

6AM wake ups, jump days, setting up street spots, getting the shot, hunting for pow, getting to work on time, getting to bed way too late, scrambling to get organized enough to show up on comp day, no matter where that may be, then getting up early to do it all over again!

Just being able to sit down and write these words has been a few weeks in the making now! But then again, hectic was the first thing to come to mind, and I believe something as important as what I call my ‘every day life’ deserves a little more thought. A more fitting word would be flawless! Yes, flawless is truly what this season is shaping up to be. (knock on wood of course)

Coming into this winter I was trying not to fill myself with expectation. Leaving an injury and embarking into a new year left me with many questions that I didn’t feel comfortable to answer. It was a huge relief to step on my board and be up to par in the matter of weeks. It really put a lot of doubt to rest.

Rogue Mag - Logan Farrow Blog - What's one word to describe my season thus far?

I’ve found the confidence and strength to ride harder than ever before. Doing so against the will of that little voice in my head. Which has become a really satisfying thing for me. The best part of it all is the fresh perspective I gained from a couple ‘serious’ injuries. It allowed me to step back from it all, and really sift through what I desired, and what the pressure of the industry had placed on me. Everything has come full circle and I feel I am at a place where I can be me, and have a ton of fun doing so!

Focusing on solid progression, building foundations, and expressing who I am through the style I choose, will always be number one from that turning point on. My darkest moments have brought out the best in me, and I am forever grateful to have been presented with such experiences. Nothings ever bad, it’s all perspective right?

Getting down to business here…. I’ve managed to get out to a few street spots and have had dozens of perfect powder days. Life is truly nothing short of flawless! Getting a bit of photo and video in the bank has been working out, and the productivity is a catalyst to more productivity. Win win for sure.

Rogue Mag - Logan Farrow Blog - What's one word to describe my season thus far?
Logan Farrow/Image by Kyle Gibson

No matter how hard I am on myself, and how relentlessly stand-still-ish it all can seem, everything has been falling into place. I am meeting so many amazing people, am being presented with so much oportunity, and it’s all beginning to gain momentum. Everything I’ve desired has shown up soon after, everyone I’ve thought about meeting has crossed my path, and all oportunity I’ve dreampt up has knocked on my door. Our power to create is endless, and I feel I am starting to understand the process. It’s been allowing me to wake up with a smile on my face, and a few decades worth of motivation in my step.

SNOWBOARDING SHOULD BE FUN! If it isn’t, at some point you lost what it was all about. It’s the reason we first strapped in, and it’s why we’ve come back to do so every time the first snow falls. This is really my focus right now. I do what I desire, when I desire, how I desire. If the desire isn’t there, then why would I do it? There’s no pressure, there’s no one telling me what to do yet, or how to do it, and I intend on sustaining that for quite some time. If it seems like fun at the time, let’s send it! The point I’m trying to make is
fun has no limits. Fun today could mean tweaking a grab off a small drop, tomorrow it could mean sending the biggest cliff to the sketchiest landing, and maybe eventually it may even be learning double and triple corks, but true FUN is never what someone else tells you it is. True FUN comes from within. Stay true my friends, and try to lend an ear to that other little voice within, not the one in your head, but the one in your heart.

Love to all you who have taken time to share these words with me.
My appreciation is endless!

Logan Ayren Farrow



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